The history of PHM

In 1995 Philippe Missotten founded the turning and milling company PHM Engineering. After years of experience in the motorsport world and especially shock absorbers, it was soon clear that the company would focus on this market segment. In 1996 the first employees were recruited, in order to strengthen the team. The number of employees has increased consistently over the years to about 20 people. The investment in machinery has grown over the years as well, the fleet currently consists of 15 CNC machines, one robot cell and a laser marking device.

The years of experience in the sector of development of shock absorbers, expanding the range and experienced staff, guarantee a further expansion of the company. The market share of PHM Engineering NV continues to rise, thanks to the continued investment in infrastructure, machinery, R&D, IT, etc.  In 2004 through this commitment to innovation, it was decided to bring his own label of shock absorber to the market namely C2P shocks.

Today C2P is known worldwide and sets the standard for developing shock absorbers and innovation with regard to quality. For each client, we ensure that they have a customized solution, so we can remain competitive in the ever-changing market. Our willingness to put the customer first has ensured us that profitable customer relationships are created. Continuity and expansion of these long-term relationships with clients are also key concepts for PHM Engineering.

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